Sing out your woes with Complaints Choir

The Complaints Choir of Birmingham
The Complaints Choir of Birmingham

Having a good moan is set to become more cathartic as Bedford prepares to start a Complaints Choir.

The singing group is being formed by Bedford Creative Arts to perform your grouches, grumbles and grievances at the end of March next year - and it is looking for people to take part.

BCA CEO Dawn Giles said: “It’s very easy to get involved. Just send us your complaints, the pithier the better, by posting them on our Facebook page.

“Then, using these, we will compose new songs and pieces for the choir.”

The Complaints Choir will be made up of members of the Bedford Arts Choir and new members of the public who would like to take part. Everyone, of all abilities, is welcome to join.

“It’s not about being miserable” says choir leader Roger Illingworth, “it’s great fun and a brilliant way to get those annoying things off your chest, especially when we all need cheering up during the winter months.”

The Complaints Choir idea began in 2005 when two Scandinavian artists Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kocjta-Kalleinen initiated a community art project in Birmingham and invited people to donate complaints on any subject.

Now it is an international phenomenon and Bedford Complaints Choir is the latest in a long line of choirs from Tokyo to Helsinki giving local people a chance to voice their frustrations in song.

Dawn added: “Surprisingly, Bedford was cited as one of England’s most unhappy places to live in 2013, so we’re hoping Bedfordians will rise to the challenge.”

Post your complaints on BCA’s facebook page

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