Silent faces may speak up on latest guided walk around Bedford

John Bunyan's statue in Bedford.
John Bunyan's statue in Bedford.

The guided walk this weekend is entitled The Silent Faces of Bedford and is intended to introduce locals and visitors alike to the story behind many of the statues and memorials in the town.

The faces on these important features may not be able to speak, but the member of Bedford Association of Tour Guides who will lead this walk on Sunday, May 14 will be able to bring the statue to life and maybe even put words into its mouth!

A few years ago during the Bedford College Rag Week a group of students painted large footsteps on the pavement in St Peter’s Street intended to suggest that during the night John Bunyan had climbed down from his lofty perch and made his way to the adjacent public conveniences – possibly for the first time in over 100 years.

Walkers will hear about features that almost certainly will have walked past many times and probably never even noticed.

Did you know that, what is considered to be the most important and poignant War Memorial in the world, is that located in Paddington Station, in London. It was crafted by Charles Sargeant Jagger himself a hero of the First World War but also the designer and sculptor of the Bedford Memorial on the Embankment.

Pre booking on this walk, starting at 11am at the Old Town Hall in St Paul’s Square, is essential. Call the new Bedford Travel and Tourism Centre on 01234 718112. The cost is £3 for adults with reductions for children.