The show must go on as Wootton drama group host fundraiser with clairvoyant

A spiritualist medium and clairvoyant is returning to her home village to host a free event in aid of the local theatre group.

Wootton Country Players
Wootton Country Players

Wootton Country Players have been staging shows for 40 years but are struggling to meet the costs of performances and the associated expenses.

An Audience with Sharon Hall, spiritualist medium and clairvoyant, is being held at Wootton village Hall on Saturday, January 27, at 7.30pm.

Andrea Marefell, who came up with the idea for the show, said the players never make much profit because of royalties, hall fees, costume costs and other expenditure.

She said: “We need to organise fundraisers to enable us to do another show this year.

“That’s where my idea came in for an Audience with Sharon Hall. Sharon grew up in the village but moved away, and she is offering her services for free.”

The players are a village group with some of members coming from surrounding areas and has a diverse age range from 10 years to over 60.

Andrea added: “We have a lot of new interested younger members too which is good and we are like one big extended family.

“Over the years it has been getting harder to keep going with funds being the main issue and audiences have dropped too.

“It is great that youngsters are interested. It’s a confidence, character building hobby and gets them away from social media and computer games essentially. I would be very sad to see the group fold.”

A bar and refreshments will be available at the fundraiser.

Tickets are £10. Call 07703 858810 or visit