Shotguns and rifles among weapons handed in during firearms amnesty

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Handguns, shotguns and rifles are among the weapons handed in to Bedfordshire Police during the firearms amnest.

Police report the campaign has recovered 40 guns and 14 lots of ammunition across the county during the last two weeks.

The firearms amnesty ran from Monday, November 10 to Friday, November 21 and gave anyone who possessed a firearm or ammunition the opportunity surrender it with no questions asked. Procedures were in place to collect any firearms safely, while members of the public also handed weapons in to police station across Bedfordshire.

During the amnesty 21 hand guns, shotguns and rifles have been handed in along with 16 air rifles, 2 guns that fired blanks, a toy gun, 3 flares and 14 lots of assorted ammunition.

Chief Inspector Gavin Hughes-Rowlands, who organised the amnesty in Bedfordshire, said: “With the help of the public we have removed these weapons and ammunition from the streets of Bedfordshire. Taking these weapons out of public circulation reduces the chance of them falling into the wrong hands and

being used in future crimes. I’m pleased to say that the majority of firearms have been surrendered by members of the public either via our collection service or by bringing them into police stations.

“Also a success was the surrender of an explosive stored with ammunition since

the 2nd World War resulted in the controlled destruction by the military which took a dangerous substance off the street.

“It must be remembered that Bedfordshire is a small county with only two centres of population, so we’d expect to have less handed in that other, larger neighbouring counties.”

You can still surrender weapons and ammunition by calling 101.

If you require advice on firearms and whether they are required to be certificated or not you can contact the Beds and Herts Firearms Licensing Unit during normal work hours on 01707 806126.