Shortage of adopters for children in our region


As many as 70 children across Bedfordshire are currently in need of adoption.

Adopters for Adoption (AfA) wants to hear from potential adopters looking to provide a safe, stable and permanent homes to solve this problem.

Recent reports show there is currently a nationwide shortage of adopters for children who have been waiting for an adoptive home for over 18 months.

Many of these are school age, some may have additional needs or are sibling groups of brothers and sisters who need to be placed together and all are from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds.

There is an urgent need for potential adopters to come forward and offer these children what they need: a secure loving family committed to them for life.

Set up by a team with first-hand experience of adoption, Adopters for Adoption recruits, prepares and assesses potential adopters, also delivering comprehensive post-adoption support to ensure adopters are supported every step of the way.

To find out more visit the Adopters for Adoption website, call Freephone number 0800 5877 791 or email