Sharnbrook Academy schools’ “brilliant” results

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The three schools which make up the Sharnbrook Academy Federation are celebrating “brilliant” results for their 11-year-olds.

The SAT results measure standards in reading, writing and maths.

And students at Harrold Priory Middle School, Lincroft Middle School and Margaret Beaufort Middle School all beat the national average.

At Harrold Priory 81 per cent of pupils achieved at least the expected standard in grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS), and the same number managed to do so in reading.

70 per cent did so in maths, and a quarter of pupils significantly exceeded the expected standard in GPS and in reading.

Harrold Priory is rated Good by Ofsted, with Outstanding features.

At Lincroft 81 per cent achieved at least the expected standard in GPS, 79 per cent in reading, and 78 per cent in maths.

Just over a quarter of pupils significantly exceeded the expected standard in maths and in reading, and four in 10 achieved this high level in GPS.

Lincroft Middle School is rated Outstanding by Ofsted.

At Margaret Beaufort 85 per cent achieved at least the expected standard in GPS), 87 per cent in reading, and 91 per cent in maths.

Just over a quarter of pupils significantly exceeded the expected standard in reading, and a fifth managed to achieve this in GPS. The school is rated Good by Ofsted.

Iain Denning, executive principal of the federation, said: “Across all of the trust’s schools we have a focus on high academic standards. That starts with our youngest children and our commitment is reflected in today’s brilliant results for the Key Stage 2 SATs.

“Ensuring that our children and young people are always progressing is at the centre of all our work, and so I am delighted to see the continuing improvement in results at our schools. I would like to congratulate all our wonderful children, parents and staff - it’s been a real team effort.”

Lisa Benson, headteacher of Harrold Priory Middle School, said: “These results can only be achieved by hard work - and today that hard work has been rewarded. The school moves into the next phase of its life next term when it merges with Harrold Lower to become Harrold Primary Academy, and we look forward to today’s success continuing long into the school’s future.”

Mark Duke, headteacher of Lincroft Middle School, said: “We are very proud that we have given our pupils such a firm foundation of knowledge and skills. They are now well equipped to continue their success into their exciting next phase of education.

“From next term we become Lincroft Academy, a secondary school for those aged 11 to 16, and I am delighted that we will therefore to continue to provide a first-class education all the way through to GCSEs for the pupils whose results we are celebrating today.”

Paul Ives is currently headteacher of Margaret Beaufort Middle School but will move to Great Ouse Primary Academy when it opens in September.

The new free school, approved to open by the government, is also part of SAF and will open initially for pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

He said: “I am looking forward to replicating at Great Ouse the success that we have enjoyed at Margaret Beaufort.

“The culture and ethos of high expectations and supporting all pupils to do their best will be the same - and are what has led to the excellent results that the pupils have achieved year after year at Margaret Beaufort.”