Seriously ill Yarl’s Wood detainee on life support wakes up in hospital

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b10-37 Yarls Wood detention centre ENGPNL00120120304094556

A woman who was put on life support after becoming ill at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Centre has now woken up.

It is thought that the Iranian doctor is suffering from Tuberculosis - a contagious bacterial infection that affects the lungs.

Her husband, Pirouz Bahadouri, 55, a Norwegian citizen living in Watford, says his wife Gazelle had told the authorities she needed hospital treatment but claims she was not given prompt access to a doctor when it was requested.

Retired bus driver Pirouz, who had to give up his driving work after suffering several strokes, said: “Every time I went there they didn’t take it seriously. I kept nagging them and complaining and I said you are responsible for her safety and her health and if something happens to her, because she was getting worse day by day so I did worry about her.

“Last time I told the manager if something happens to her there is blood on your hands.

“It was very obvious she was ill, you don’t need to be a doctor to see.”

Gazelle came to the UK in May this year but there were problems with her paperwork and she was detained at Stansted airport. She had been kept at several hostels and housing for women in Middlesbrough before being taken to Yarl’s Wood - a holding place for those awaiting immigration clearance - in October.

She was taken to Bedford Hospital on December 8 where she was placed on life support in the intensive care unit.

On Monday, poorly Gazelle opened her eyes and was able to communicate with her husbands through signs and some writing.

The Home Office, which has put Pirouz up in a hotel for three days this week so that he does not have to drive from Watford everyday, said it does not usually comment on individual cases but confirmed that Gazelle was admitted to hospital.

>> In March, detainee Christine Case, 40, died while being held at Yarl’s Wood. An inquest heard that she suffered a sudden blockage to her lung and died within minutes despite efforts of medical staff and the emergency services to revive her.

The hearing heard her family believed she had been suffering chest pain while detained at Yarl’s Wood but Professor Sebastian Lucas, a consultant pathologist from Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital in London who carried out her autopsy, said this was not connected to her death.