Secret papers stolen from solicitor’s car

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A Bedford solicitor who is also a councillor has told how highly confidential papers were stolen from his car while he played golf.

Andrew Buckley left the secret council documents in a bag in his locked car while he played for five hours at Pavenham Park golf club.

He returned to find his car broken into and the leather bag missing.

The papers were taxi licencing applications from Milton Keynes, where Mr Buckley is a Tory councillor.

They contained personal details, including DRB checks, of would-be cab drivers.

The breach of security had to be reported to the national Information Commissioner’s Office, which has the power to impose a half a million pound fine on the council.

Mr Buckley, who works for Woodfines, said: “It is awful and I feel absolutely dreadful.”

He said he had attended the council meeting the previous evening, put the papers in a leather bag and forgotten to remove it from his car before playing golf the following morning.

“The car was locked, of course, and there is no doubt that I was a victim of a crime.”

“It was wrong of me, but it was not as though I left it on a train or in a pub.”

Though most of MK council’s paperwork is in the public domain, the stolen documents were known as ‘red papers’ and are strictly confidential.