Scouse accent causes Bedford woman to suffer panic attacks, court told

Court news. NNL-170524-154443005
Court news. NNL-170524-154443005

A young Bedford woman has panic attacks every time she hears a Scouse accent after being beaten by a man she met on an online dating site.

The 27-year-old suffered a fractured eye socket from punches thrown by drunken Liverpudlian Charlie Mulryan during the ill-fated date.

Mulryan, 34, had 49 convictions for 113 offences, Luton Crown Court heard this week.

He travelled from Cambridgeshire to meet the 27-year-old victim at her friend’s house in Hartwell Drive, Kempston last month.

But when he arrived he was behaving “in a strange manner” and had a bottle of vodka in his pocket.”

“At one phone he gripped the table and slammed his mobile phone down onto it,” said Kevin West, prosecuting.

He then squared up to the victim, called her a “slag” and a “bitch” and punched her to the ground.

Leaving the woman with blood running from her head, Mulryan left the house, 
damaging two cars in the street as he went.

He was caught by the owner of one of these vehicle, who knocked him unconscious.

The court heard the disastrous date has left the victim feel very vulnerable.

“Scouse accents give me panic attacks,” she said in a personal statement.

It is not yet known whether the attack will leave her with permanent eye damage.

Mulryan, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent and criminal 
damage to the cars.

He was in breach of an eight-week jail sentence that was suspended for 12 months by Cambridge magistrates for assaulting a Constable.

He had 49 convictions for 113 offences.

Defending, Shaun Esprit said there was a lack of premeditation in the attack. He said it was out of character in the light of his previous offences, which were all minor.

He said: “He remembers very little. It causes him a great deal of concern. He feels 
extremely remorseful.”

Mr Esprit said Mulryan had a difficult upbringing, having been in the care system.

Judge Philip Bartle QC jailed him for a total of three years and 10 months.

He said: “You hit her so hard she suffered a fracture of the eye socket. You are someone who is clearly capable of very serious violence.

“When in drink, you behaved totally out of control.