Schoolboy joins big sleepover at London Planetarium

Joshua Shaw at London Planetarium sleepover.
Joshua Shaw at London Planetarium sleepover.

An 11-year-old schoolboy from Clapham was among the first group of youngsters to take part in a sleepover at the London Planetarium in Greenwich.

Joshua Shaw, who has Type 1 diabetes, went along to the big sleep event with his mum Vicki.

The sleepover was special for Joshua, pictured left in grey, because managing diabetes and glucose levels can be awkward, especially when it comes to monitoring levels overnight.

The sleepover was hosted by Abbott Diabetes Care and made possible for Joshua as he has been using a new product designed for diabetes management launched by the company’ called FreeStyle Libre, a device which enables parents to scan a child through their pyjamas during the night without having to wake them.