School buzzes as science week explodes into action at Renhold

Renhold science week
Renhold science week

Pupils at a village school had an explosive week of fun during a special science project.

Renhold Primary School held a number of science events for British Science Week.

The atmosphere around the school ‘buzzed’ as Sublime Science - winners of Dragon’s Den - spent a day wowing the children. They made lightning travel through their bodies and showed them how to make slime.

‘Exploration and Discovery’ was the theme and there was also an assembly by the school’s very own Science Ambassadors. The group of science fanatics, who were voted in by their fellow classmates, put on an awe-inspiring assembly based on influential scientists and discoverers. In costume, they taught the school about Isaac Newton, Neil Armstrong and the Deep Sea Challenger to name but a few. Keeping themselves extra-busy, the ambassadors also ran their own ‘Lunch time Investigations’ to groups who signed up to take part.

Each class also received a visit from their very own scientist. These ranged from Scott’s Veterinary nurses to a pilot, and a midwife to a Microsoft engineer. There was even a visit from Professor Stephen Sweeney, who is the Head of Physics at the University of Surrey. Each visitor spoke about how they use science as part of their everyday job for the children to see that science is all around us.

The week ended with a school first - Renhold Primary Science Fair. Fifty-one children meticulously worked hard to create and design exhibits for the fair and spent the afternoon showing them off to the rest of the school and parents. The event was a complete success and the school looks forward to holding another fair next year. Exhibits from the fair are on display at Mark Rutherford School and Putnoe Library for the next few weeks.