Robber Baron of Bedford Castle and the tale of destruction in 1224

Castle Mound, Bedford.
Castle Mound, Bedford.

The story behind the destruction of Bedford’s ancient castle is told in the latest guided walk.

The Rise and Fall of Bedford Castle can be discovered on this weekend’s outing, on Sunday, May 24.

The recognised work of fiction that covers the story of Bedford Castle is The Robber Baron of Bedford Castle by Foster and Cuthell, first published in 1903.

If you do not mind the dated language it still provides a good read and is thought to be a reasonably accurate non academic account of what happened in 1224.

If you would like to hear the story by means of the spoken word, join this week’s guided walk which will tell you all about the events leading up to the downfall and destruction of the castle.

Was the door that is visible beneath Castle Mound really the door of the dungeons where no lesser person than the Lord Chief Justice of England was detained by the arrogant and rebel de Breaute family ?

The walks which leave the Old Town Hall in St Paul’s Square at 11am each Sunday are all led by qualified members of Bedford Association of Tour Guides and last about 90 minutes.

With their increasing popularity pre booking is now essential, so call Bedford Travel and Tourism Centre on 01234 718112 to reserve your place.