REVIEW: Seriously messy fun at Mrs McMoon’s house, Bedford Place Theatre.

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Mrs McMoon is a lively and enjoyable interactive children’s storytelling show for children aged three to nine, writes Layth Yousif.

The set is her homely front room and kitchen which becomes a stage providing colourful scenes. Where goodies are baked (and eaten), singing flowers perform beatboxes, squirrels tickle the audience and Scottish jigs are danced. All of which add to the joyous atmosphere.

Pictures on the wall of Mrs McMoon’s assorted family are a giveaway, with characters soon introduced including her granddaughter Rosie who is involved in a particularly messy scene.

A scene which delighted the children encouraged to sit near to the set who burst into excited laughter as the mischief unfolded.

There was even a slice of surreal humour adults and kids enjoyed when a banana was unexpectedly used as a telephone. Not to mention the fun that ensued when parents were encouraged to share their names and asked what they do. When a parent described himself as a ‘Consultant’ his reply was met with a mischievous ‘Ooooh: Aren’t consultants clever’ - raising a knowing smile amongst some of the adults.

Best friends and cousins Josie and Olive, both aged six were captivated.

Josie said: ”Mrs McMoon was a nice granny like my Gran and nana, and I liked the singing, but it was really funny when Rosie sat on a plate of jelly!”

Olive added: “I liked it when it got really messy and I also liked it when the squirrel came over and tried to tickle us.”

The interaction didn’t end there either. It was also a nice touch for kids to be given paper at the end to draw their own versions of the characters and tweet them to Mrs Moon. Not only encouraging an awareness of the show but gently introducing them to positive aspects of social media at the same time.

With song and dance – and lots of mess - Mrs McMoon is an enjoyable excuse for adults and parents to visit the theatre for an enjoyable hour.

Having been to many a kids show with my brood our experience of Saturday morning shows has been patchy at times – but with Mrs McMoon, the sixty minutes in the cosy confines of Bedford Place Theatre flew by for kids and adults alike.

So - get your kids to put down their tablets, turn off CBeebies and take them to watch the fun and engaging interactive theatre show that is Mrs McMoon.

With a welcome cup of Saturday morning tea for parents and scrumptious home-made biscuits for kids – the biscuits that survive being eaten by the characters on the show at any rate – what’s not to like?

As Mrs McMoon said: “A cuddle a day keeps the blues away.”

And so does a trip with the kids to Bedford Place Theatre to watch Mrs McMoon.

Mrs McMoon and Signor Baffo by Worboys Productions is on tour throughout May. For further details visit or or follow her @MrsMcMoon

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