Retired doctor makes debut as author and reveals true-life hospital stories

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A retired hospital doctor from Great Denham has become a debut author, publishing a collection of 30 captivating short stories based on true incidents he had come across as a surgical trainee in different hospitals in England.

Writing under the pseudonym Dr Jay, he has published the remarkable stories which had been bubbling inside him, longing for expression into words in a book.

He said: “The book was written because every single story has something unusual about it and I have always been eager to place it in the public domain.

“Most of these incidents happened several years ago when investigations like CT scans and Ultra Sound scans were not freely available as they are now. The challenges faced by frontline surgical trainees are described in detail.

“There are no swear words or cheap bids for a laugh in this book for the reader but there are stories described with subtle humour, stories of gladness and sadness, all in appropriate measures.”

Dr Jay, 66, graduated from Trivandrum Medical College in Kerala, India and underwent all the higher surgical training in England and Wales. He worked for 33 years in the NHS. In 2012 the chief Executive of the Teaching Hospital NHS Trust where he has worked for the last 18 years of his career honoured him with the ‘Star Award’ recognising his hard work, commitment and dedication to his patients, after two doctors and two nurses had nominated him for the coveted prize.

He says that he was encouraged to write the book by one of his colleagues who told him that it would be informative and educational to the general public as well as any aspiring health professional because all the stories have some ‘take home message’ to the readers.

The book, ‘Your Lives in Our Hands’ is available to buy from Amazon as a paper back edition or Kindle edition.

One of the book’s 5 star reviews on Amazon says, “The simple narrative style takes one on an emotional roller-coaster, feeling the pain of loss of a young life or the joy of having saved another”.