Report that claims there is no parking shortage at crematorium is rejected by councillor

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A report concluding that there is no parking shortage at Bedford’s Norse Road Crematorium has been rejected by a councillor who says he’s experienced the issue first hand.

Parking at the venue is due to be discussed at a meeting of Bedford Borough Council’s Environment and Sustainable Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee tomorrow evening (Thursday).

A report that will be presented to members, including Councillor Roger Rigby, says an inspection of the complex revealed no parking issues. It said: “The outcome of the inspection did not identify any particular issue with access, egress or parking at the site.”

But Mr Rigby has rejected this conclusion and told the T&C: “I sadly have had in recent years to attend funerals and cremations there and more often than not after driving around and around looking for space I have parked on grass verges, sometimes very muddy.”

He said properly constructed, all weather parking is needed.

“We have to remember that many mourners are elderly and we need more Tarmac parking as close to the entrance as possible,” he said.

Mr Rigby would like to hear from other mourners who have experienced parking problems, email