Repairs to water leak cause serious traffic delays in Bedford town centre


Horne Lane in Bedford has been closed to traffic today (Friday) due to essential repairs to a major water leak.

Anglian Water had hoped to complete the work by 6am this morning but workers have been unable to locate the exact source of the leak.

Spokeman Emma Staples, explained essential works to repair a water leak meant no warning was possible for road users on Horne Lane.

She said: “While this leak repair is essential, knowing this is a busy road, we met with Bedford Borough Council’s highways department yesterday and offered to start work at a later date. This would have allowed us to notify local residents and road users. However, the highways team felt that the repair should start straight away to prevent the road being undermined and an even bigger repair being required.

“We are very sorry for the disruption and apologise no warning was possible. Our team will be working non-stop to repair the leak and get the job finished as soon as possible.

“Unfortunately, we do expect it to take a number of days: the integrity of other infrastructure below the road means we are unable to use our usual leak detection technology, and therefore pinpointing the leak will be more difficult.”

A Bedford Borough Council spokesperson said: “We can confirm that works were being carried out in St Paul’s Square on a leak overnight by Anglian Water. These works were scheduled for completion by 6am on Friday, January 23 but have overrun and as a result of the work by Anglian Water, Horne Lane has been closed.

“There are signs into the town warning drivers of the congestion and road closures.

“Buses coming into Bedford town have been diverted to Prebend Street and Midland Road. Local bus services are not stopping at Borough Hall, Bedford College or St Paul’s Square.

“We advise drivers who live in the town centre to make short journeys on foot if they are able to. If drivers do have to travel through the town via car, please note the increased journey times.”