Remembering ‘one of a kind’ Bedford police dog Kane

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Following a short illness, a police dog who worked in Bedford sadly passed away at the age of 10 and a half on December 6.

Police dog Kane has been fondly remembered by his handler PC Graham Ashby.

The German Shepherd retired in January this year after being the oldest serving general purpose dog in the Beds, Cambs and Herts (BCH) Dog Unit, ending his career with the team at the age of nine and a half years.

Kane joined the unit aged 16 months, after being born in the Greater Manchester Police Puppy Programme.

He enjoyed a distinguished career with Graham, who he worked with for around seven and a half years having previously worked with another handler.

The dynamic duo made around 170 arrests over their time together and they played a key role at a number of incidents and operations.

These included searching for missing people, locating suspects and supporting officers at public events, such as football matches in Peterborough and Watford.

One incident that made the headlines last year was when Kane and Graham attended the Toddington service station off the M1.

After a group of men acting suspiciously had run away from officers, they were called to provide assistance.

Demonstrating that age is but a number, Kane immediately began tracking.

Crossing several fields, going through a river and dense undergrowth, Kane soon located three men, whilst a fourth swam across a deeper river.

After the three men were taken into custody by other officers, Kane and Graham then waded across the river.

It was not long after that they successfully located the fourth person - all four men were arrested on suspicion of immigration offences.

As well as being eager to participate in the search for missing people or suspects of crime, Kane and Graham also gave their time to visit local community groups, provide demonstrations at fetes and give talks about their work to scouting groups, newly attested officers and members of the public.

PC Ashby said: “Kane wasn’t in any pain when he passed away and he fell asleep peacefully in my arms. He truly was one of a kind.

“It was my pleasure and privilege to work and have so much time alongside him.

“He was a dog who wanted to go to work and enjoyed it. At every incident we attended Kane worked exceptionally hard and I will take away many proud memories of the time we had together as a team. My family and I will miss him greatly.”