Recording contract for Bedford singer songwriter

Mick Sharp
Mick Sharp

A Bedford singer, songwriter and producer has signed a major recording and publishing contract.

Mick Sharp, of Thor Drive, was one of nearly 100 people who submitted a song for consideration at London-based Copper Brown Records monthly A&R (artists and repertoire) meeting, which it broadcasts live on the internet.

Mick said: “I have sent in a couple of tracks to them before and not been featured, but last Friday Luke Cutler, Copper Brown’s creative director, introduced my song You Got Away and it began to play.”

He said that within seconds it was obvious Luke and his three colleagues were clearly enjoying the song, nodding their heads, smiling and high-fiving each other.

Mick said: “It was quite surreal watching the response. As a songwriter, there are certain musical ‘trigger points’ which you hope will grab listeners’ attention and make them want to hear the song again. The Copper Brown team responded to all of them and seemed to be liking it.”

Luke said: “Before anyone says anything else saying anything, thank you, Mick Sharp, for making our Friday night especially awesome. I can’t speak. Great arrangement, nice lyrics… I would love to work with a song like that. That was straight up, unassuming awesome pop music. I flipping loved it. Brilliant.”

At the end of the meeting the record company execs announced they would be offering Mick a recording and publishing contract.

He said: “It’s what I have been working towards for several years now. The music business has changed beyond recognition in the last 15 years – people don’t listen to music the way they used to back in the day, so musicians have to change and adapt. On the positive side, there have never been more opportunities and outlets for music, from streaming to TV and ad usage.

For me, it’s all about the song and if you have strong songs they can be used in so many more ways nowadays than ever before. It’s an exciting time to be a songwriter.”

Mick’s songs are also receiving widespread airplay on radio stations in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Brazil. He said: “I got in touch with the 365 Radio Network, which broadcasts to 200 countries from its base in Ohio, USA, and the station owner, JL Hensley, absolutely loved the songs. They were put on immediate ‘rotation’ and and now played about 20 times a day. I got in touch with other stations and it spread from there.

“It can be quite weird when I hear songs I recorded in my studio in Bedford being broadcast from, literally, the other side of the world.”

Mick will begin working with Copper Brown in a few weeks’ time. “They seem like a great bunch of people. They have a fabulous studio and video editing suite literally in-house, which ties-in with my own ethos of self-contained production. I can’t wait to get started.”

There was a double celebration for Mick when, the next night, he proposed to artist Susie Hall, at a gig at London’s Under The Bridge club at Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge ground.

Go West singer and frontman Peter Cox, who Mick has known for several years, interrupted his set to invite Mick on to the stage.

Mick said: “Susie thought he was going to ask me to play guitar on a song of his.” Instead, Mick got down on one knee and proposed in front of an audience of 500 ‘witnesses’. “She was shocked, but said ‘Yes’. The crowd went wild, and we got hugs and congratulations for the rest of the night.”

Mick’s self-titled album was released last year to widespread critical acclaim. It is available on iTunes, Amazon and all digital outlets. He is currently working on his next album.

Mick is also working with music synchronisation company Music Gateway, whose board members include top music industry heavyweights including Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, and Reverbnation. He is currently a featured artist on Reverbnation’s homepage.

He added: It’s non-stop at the moment, but I’m loving every minute of it,” said Mick. “I hope to do some live dates when the next album comes out; I’ve built up some great contacts and want to get the best musicians I can to show the songs at their best.”

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