Razor sharp dixieland jazz to Country music on the Wire

Hannah Aldridge
Hannah Aldridge

American singer and songwriter Hannah Aldridge will be making an appearance in Bedford next month as her widely acclaimed new album is released.

Hannah is the daughter of Alabama Music Hall of Famer Walt Aldridge, who is one of the most prolific songwriters of the modern musical era.

With sounds ranging from blues in the Mississippi Delta to the dusty, dixieland jazz sounds from New Orleans, the musical stylings of Muscle Shoals on up to the primitive roots of American Country music, Hannah leaves no inspiration or influence untapped.

Her album Razor Wire reveals much about the songwriter, and you can hear more when she appears at the Ent Shed, Bedford on Friday, March 13 at 7.45pm.

There is stark contradiction between the “real” and loving Hannah and the hard-loved, almost-fictitious character she becomes when writing songs, trekking through life’s darker sides.

The girl on the album cover, in her mind and in her lyrics, drags the soft-spoken “real Hannah” out of her everyday existence and into the musty magnolia darkness where characters question the darker side of life.

Married, divorced and a single mum, Razor Wire is where the “dark” Hannah and the sweetly profound young mother mingle.

She says: “This album is about learning to be a grown-up, learning to face the world alone.

“It’s about being brave enough to look people in the eye and just say ‘This is who I am - imperfections and all.’” And that’s just what she does.

Lonesome, Razor Wire’s final track - a bitter mood piece about her parents’ divorce - explains her against-the-grain musical quest.

Tickets are £11 from www.entshed.com or call 01234 269519