Rare Crimea medal awarded for Charge of the Light Brigade soldier goes up for auction in Bedford

Charge of the LIght Brigade medal to be auctioned at Peacocks.
Charge of the LIght Brigade medal to be auctioned at Peacocks.

A Bedford auctioneers are to sell an extremely rare Charge of the Light Brigade medal.

W&H Peacocks have been tasked with the public sale of the exceptional honour in their Robert Room on Friday, September 5.

Auctioneer David Fletcher speaking to the Times and Citizen said: “We are hoping this sale will set the world alight.”

The Crimea Medal was awarded to J. Brimington who took part in the famous and ill-fated Charge of the Light Brigade in 1854.

David said: “During a very busy valuation day held last month we were delighted to have been shown samples from a collection of militaria and medals.

“These had been inherited by their owner from an uncle he didn’t even know existed. Somewhat overwhelmed by the extent and nature of the collection he had sought the advice of our valuation team at valuation day at The Olde Mill Shopping Centre in Barton.

“It was arranged that the collection should be brought into our Robert Room saleroom in Bedford where it was examined in more detail by our medal specialist and we estimate it to be worth £3,000 to £4,000.”

W&H Peacocks will also be selling a remarkable collection of 17th century delftware which originated in Holland but was collected by the father of the vendor who owned a well known pharmacy in Bedfordshire.

David said: “Collections of this quality rarely come on the market and it’s a priviege to have been asked to offer them for sale. Estimates vary from £200 or £300 to £2,000 to £3,000.” For further information visit www.peacockauction.co.uk