Racing team on pole for a great season on the track

Rutherford Racers
Rutherford Racers

A racing team from Mark Rutherford School in Bedford who built their own car are looking good for the new season.

The Rutherford Racers showed what they are made of in the National Season Opener races at Rockingham Speedway.

The 2017 Greenpower Electric Car Racing season opened with two pre-season races at Rockingham on May 3.

The Rutherford Racers achieved excellent results being placed 5th and 6th against national competition.

Blaze and Inferno, designed and built in extra-curricular time by the pupils, were driven round the 1.47 mile track for 90 minutes achieving a total distance of 30.9 miles at speeds exceeding 30mph.

The cars are based on a monocoque wooden body with aluminium sub frames and are powered by two 12volt batteries driving a 24 volt DC motor. There are strict technical regulations and race rules which require that pupils build and drive the cars as well as working as a team, managing the race and pit stops.

A team spokesman siad: “We now approach the 2017 season following five really successful years when the team have progressed through heats to race in the International Final Event each season. With a cabinet full of trophies, at local, regional and national level, this season our aim is to be in the top 10 teams internationally.

“Each year we recruit new designers, engineers, pit crew and drivers, as race rules dictate the maximum age of participants.

“Running the team can be expensive, each event requires entry fees and travel costs, car build costs can be kept down but tyres, batteries and team kit need replacing each year. We are hoping to find sponsors, preferably locally based organisations.”

Greenpower is a charitable, educational organisation which promotes engineering excellence in schools, colleges and industry through electric car design and racing.