Pupils celebrate as Mayor of Bedford officially opens their new ‘Nest’

Mayor Dave Hodgson opens new classroom at Brickhill Lower School.
Mayor Dave Hodgson opens new classroom at Brickhill Lower School.

Pupils, staff and governors at Brickhill Lower School had every reason to celebrate when they welcomed the Mayor of Bedford, Dave Hodgson, to the official opening of their new classroom.

Named The Nest to fit in with the Brickhill area bird theme, the new room is spacious, stylish, bright and airy, and is a much needed facility for the growing school.

The new classroom at Brickhill Lower School.

The new classroom at Brickhill Lower School.

Headteacher Debbie Wilson said: “All the hard work put in by pupils, staff, governors, PTA members and parents will ensure we build further on the excellent results we have achieved.

“We appreciate all the support given to the school by the local authority in helping us achieve the standards we set ourselves, and in the work to modernise the school premises.

The children are very excited about the new classroom with its brightly coloured furniture and new teaching technology.”

One of the pupils said: “The Mayor asked if I liked the new classroom. I said that it was great because it was new and shiny with lots of space. It also has purple tables.” Another pupil gave it the thumbs up by “wishing it was their bedroom!”

The new classroom is opened after a successful Ofsted inspection, where the school achieved high ratings in all key areas. Standards and the achievement levels of pupils continue to meet the objectives set by the school and measured by the Ofsted inspectors.

Brickhill Lower is the latest school to open a brand new classroom as part of Bedford Borough Council’s £48million School Capital Investment plan. Its temporary classroom has been scrapped and its new permanent build was unveiled on Monday, March 23.

Colin Foster, chief education officer at Bedford Borough Council, said: “Temporary classrooms are cold, damp and not fit to learn in which is why we are investing so heavily in our schools to deliver the high standards of teaching and learning that all children deserve.

“We are committed to this programme of works and have seen a whole host of schools from across the borough benefit so far. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than opening strong, solid classrooms, knowing that they are going to provide children with the ideal environment for learning and for many years to come.”

For more information on Brickhill Lower School visit www.brickhilllowerschool.co.uk