Pub says sorry to cerebral palsy sufferer who was refused entry for ‘walking funny’

Simon Pinner. PNL-140411-093711001
Simon Pinner. PNL-140411-093711001

A pub chain has apologised to a cerebral palsy sufferer who was refused entry into its town centre venue.

Simon Pinner, 45, was banned from the Banker’s Draft by door staff because he was ‘walking funny’.

His condition affects his balance, co-ordination and speech but Simon said despite explaining this he was still not allowed in on Friday, October 24.

He said: “They said they couldn’t let me in because I was walking funny. I said I have cerebral palsy. I was humiliated and upset.”

Simon had been in the High Street pub earlier that evening without any problems when he met up with friends before going elsewhere for a meal.

“We had a couple of drinks with the meal, but I wasn’t drunk,” he said.

Simon, of De Parys Avenue, Bedford, returned to the pub two days later and spoke to a manager who apologised.

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: “We apologise to the gentleman if he felt he was unfairly treated.

“The door staff observed two men making their way towards the pub, both men were staggering. Based on the staggering and slurred speech when they approached the gentlemen were refused entry.”

He said the door staff genuinely believed the men were intoxicated and ‘at no point’ was Simon’s cerebral palsy mentioned.

“Had they pointed out to the door staff that one of them had cerebral palsy the door staff would have taken this into consideration before making

their final decision however, this does not mean that they would have been granted entry if either one was deemed to be intoxicated,” he said.

“The door staff at this pub have been in place for a fair length of time and do a very good job at ensuring already intoxicated people are not granted entry.

“The area manager responsible for the pub is happy to contact the customer to discuss the matter.”