Protesters turn out in fight to save historic George pub in Silsoe

MBTC Save The George protest
MBTC Save The George protest

Residents in Silsoe turned out in force this morning in their fight to save The George pub.

They were protesting against plans to re-develop the historic site in Silsoe High Street to feature apartments, a wet bar ‘mini pub’ and commercial outlet.

Villagers want the site to become a community hub with a bar, restaurant and post office.

They met members of Central Beds Council’s planning committee during a site visit to The George Pub ahead of its on meeting on Wednesday to

decide whether the developer’s plans for The George will be approved.

The property, a distinctive white stone building, parts of which date back to 1613, comprises a large bar, restaurant, nine bedrooms, living room, car park and large trade garden. A former Greene KIng pub, it closed its doors around two years ago and was put on the market in February 2016.

Spokesman Maggie Herod said: “ Silsoe Community Society does not wish The George to be redeveloped into apartments with a wet bar and unspecified commercial outlet.

“Instead they wish the pub to become a community hub, with bar, restaurant and post office.”

Silsoe Community Society was created by a number of local people with the aim to save The George, a former hotel, from yet more development and to create a new hub that will be “at the heart of Silsoe” – both geographically and literally, with the aim of reviving The George as a centre of the community.

Central Beds Council assigned The George an ACV – Asset of Community Value - meaning the community had six months to raise the monies to save the historic inn for the benefit of the community.

Its website states: “Our Society has put together a business plan and subsequent share offer so that all people interested in helping us save this historic and central part of Silsoe can do so by investing as little as £50 in what is sure to be a thriving community hub.”