Prostate breakthrough for hospital scientists

MBTC-20-02-13- Bedford Hospital South Wing.
MBTC-20-02-13- Bedford Hospital South Wing.

A supplement, made from pomegranate, green tea, turmeric and broccoli, has a significant effect on men with prostate cancer according to Bedford Hospital scientists.

Professor Robert Thomas, consultant oncologist at Bedford Hospital and Addenbrooke’s Hospital, is the chief investigator of the trial, which is called Pomi-T. He worked with the National Cancer Research Institute and UK manufacturers to design a capsule that concentrated a blend of purified ‘polyphenol-rich foods’, which is taken twice a day.

In the trial, after six months, there was a remarkable, 63 per cent, difference in the rise in ‘PSA’ between the men who took the capsule and those who took a placebo.

The PSA is a level of the protein produced by the prostate gland, which is an indicator of prostate cancer. The men who experienced a lower PSA increase took a purified polyphenol-rich food pill.

These results, which are being heralded as a landmark by those in the know, will be presented in front of 28,000 oncologists at the ASCO Conference in Chicago, where the Scientific Organising Committee have chosen 10 of the most significant research projects in each cancer topic from around the world.

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