Pothole patcher machine can mend 150 repairs to roads every day

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Potholes are filling up fast across Central Bedfordshire thanks to a new repair technique introduced last month.

In its first three weeks the Velocity Patcher has fixed more than 1,200 potholes, large and small on our roads.

It can mend up to 150 potholes per day and can repair a pothole, leaving a level repair in about two minutes – a fraction of the time it usually takes a conventional method to do the job.

The process means that Central Bedfordshire Council can usually carry out the work without closing the road. If a road does have to be closed it can quickly be re-opened to traffic. The machine operates a three-step process that effectively “blows” the repair material into the pothole making the process much quicker completing more repairs per shift.

1. High-velocity air is used to remove all dust and debris from the hole

2. A cold bitumen mixture is forced into every crack and crevice, sealing the hole and protecting it by preventing water getting in.

3. A final mix is fired into the hole at high speed, evenly coating the area and providing a firm, level finish.

As heat is not involved in the process, the Velocity Patcher is also a greener way of repairing potholes. It produces exceptionally low CO2 emissions, leaves minimal waste material and causes no further damage to the road.

Cllr Brian Spurr, Executive Member for Community Services said: “Maintaining our roads is a key priority for the council. We are leading the way with this technique, which allows us to do more repairs for the same amount of money.

“Recent figures place Central Bedfordshire’s roads as the best in our region and among the best in the country. But we all know that potholes crop up and this machine will go a long way to sorting them out - getting the best possible value for residents and keeping people on the move.”

You can find out more about the Velocity Patcher and for the latest news and performance, to check plans for the future and report problems.on our highways webpages at www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/highways