Region goes with the flow as new Brexit party gets three new MEPs

The East of England region mainly followed the national trend in the EU elections - electing three candidates from the Brexit Party.

Richard Tice, ​Michael Heaver and ​June Mummery received a total of 604,715 votes.

Barbara Gibson and ​Lucy Nethsingha were voted in as ​Liberal Democrats with 361,563 votes and Catherine Rowett is now the Green member for the Eastern Region. The Greens received 202,460 votes.

Geoffrey Van Orden of the​Conservative and Unionist Party was also elected, the Conservatives received 163,830 votes.

But it was a bad night for Labour who came fourth with 139,490.

The Change UK group, the recently formed party created after Labour and Tory MPs broke away from their own parties, and which includes Luton’s Gavin Shuker, gained 58,274 votes, putting them slightly ahead of UKIP.

In Luton, the Labour Group received the most votes at 12,878 ahead of the Brexit Party’s 10,026.

The percentage turnout in Luton was 27.57%.

Across the region the prcentage turnout was 36.48%.

Of the previously elected MEPs only Mr Van Orden was re-elected.