Kindness and resilience represent our Britain

As the dust settles following the civil unrest in parts of the country we are entering a time of national reflection.

Tuesday, 16th August 2011, 10:59 am

Central Bedfordshire was spared any disturbances, thanks in part to the vigilance shown by Beds Police. But for many families and businesses elsewhere, recent events will cast a shadow for some time. My thoughts are with them.

It is incumbent on us all to work together and tackle the root causes of the recent violence to create a healthier, safer society.

While that debate will dominate the national agenda for some time, life goes on and many families and students across Central Bedfordshire are eagerly anticipating exam results.

In the council we’re also eager to see if our work in supporting our students has paid off. Last year’s GCSE grades showed a marked improvement and we hope to see continued progress this year.

While ultimately the results will down to the individual efforts of our students, each of them is supported by a dedicated team including their families, schools and children’s services at the council.

Regardless of the part we play, we are all focused on helping our young people reach their potential and become responsible members of society.

We must do all we can to avoid the disenfranchisement displayed by those involved in the recent unrest. For me, that is about delivering education services that are moving from being good to being great. It’s about delivering youth services in new ways and building a healthy democracy.

A key part of our democratic process starts soon as residents are asked to check they are on the electoral register - so please send back your electoral registration form when it arrives.

The silver lining has been the resilience and kindness of British people who I believe are more representative of our nation than the mindless perpetrators of this violence.