'I have fought racism all my life': Labour's ex-PCC candidate vows to appeal antisemitism complaint

Labour's ex-candidate in the upcoming race for the next Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner has vowed to appeal his suspension from the party.

Last week, it was reported (see here), that former mayor of Luton, Tahir Khan, had been suspended from the party after a complaint about antisemitism.

In a statement today, Mr Khan said: "I have fought racism in all its forms all my life. I am not a racist and certainly not antisemitic.

"I refute all the allegations that are claimed against me and I have submitted a comprehensive appeal against the temporary sanctions imposed on my membership of the Labour Party.

Tahir Khan

"Until such time as my case is concluded I have no further comment."

A selection process is expected to be complete by the end of November for a new Labour candidate in next year's PCC election.