Call for action over "concerning increase" in flooding in Maulden

Flooding in Maulden. Pictures: Maulden Parish CouncilFlooding in Maulden. Pictures: Maulden Parish Council
Flooding in Maulden. Pictures: Maulden Parish Council
Winter flooding issues are showing “a concerning increase” in Maulden in recent years, the parish council has warned.

The impact locally has prompted a report to be compiled by Maulden Parish Council to highlight the plight of local residents.

It wants Central Bedfordshire Council to compile “a comprehensive review” of the scale of the problems and provide support to the community.

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Residents have alerted the parish council after properties and village roads were flooded last winter.

“We acknowledge that CBC as the lead local flood authority for our area has the responsibility to record and report flooding incidents,” said the council.

“A public meeting was held in Maulden where regular flooding areas were identified by mapping incidents across the village to chart where flooding might reoccur unless action is taken.

It emerged:

  • flooding in some locations has been reported, but the case was closed with no action required;
  • properties were reported to have experienced substantial external damage, resulting in costly repairs;
  • local road access was affected;
  • foul sewerage was visible during the flooding and in its aftermath, requiring a clean up operation from CBC;
  • and access to homes of vulnerable residents was impacted.

Areas affected by flooding include the Maulden Ridge development around Elgin Gardens, the corner of Silsoe Road and Ampthill Road, George Street and around Andrews Close, Limbersey Lane by Kings Farm and Bolebec Farm, Chestnut Tree Mews and The Knoll.

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In the surrounds, among the places impacted are the land next to the A507 around Hollington Farm, Hollington Basin, Beaumont Farm and Firs Farm, Maulden allotments, running down past Birch Cottage and Bracken Court to the footbridge, and the charities allotments at the end of Moor Lane and down past the woods.

Other areas are the field beside Silsoe Road between Conley House and Bracken Court and Maulden Garden Centre. Behind Pine View Park, off the A507, has flooded twice this year, having not done in the previous 40 years.

Maulden Garden Centre is flooded regularly now and the telecommunications mast on the site allowing the emergency services to still have communications during power outages is often submerged, threatening this essential service, according to the parish council report.

“Contributing factors are changing weather patterns not reflected in planning requirements, changes in agricultural practices resulting in increased and quicker surface water run-off, and the drainage system within the George Street area is no longer adequate for the increased surface and fluvial flows,” said the report.

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“The narrow stream between the George Street bridge and Ampthill Road allotments is unable to cope with the current peak volumes, the increased water levels in the Flit have raised the water table in the Maulden flood plain, and silt has accumulated in the ditches, culverts and pipes.

“A lack of maintenance in clearing the accumulated silt from the ditches and the vegetation growing on the ditch banking has further reduced the flow from higher ground into the Flit.”

The parish council is calling for a comprehensive review from CBC into flooding causes in Maulden, including the impact of raised water levels in the Flit.