Bedford Elections: LibDem councillor says there are still more plans to improve things in Kingsbrook

Dean Crofts is standing in the Kingsbrook ward
Dean CroftsDean Crofts
Dean Crofts

A LibDem councillor seeking re-election says he’s here to help the Kingsbrook community.

Dean Crofts, who is standing with Henna Khanum as the LibDem candidates for the ward, is seeking a second term as a Kingsbrook councillor in next month’s local election.

“The past four years have gone by so quickly and we lost two years because of the covid pandemic,” he said.

However, he is proud of what has been achieved in that time.

“We installed 20 MPH zones as a result of a community petition and residents contacting us for speeding issues,” he said.

“We purchased a CCTV camera for anti-social behaviour and have been able to use this to tackle fly-tipping too.

“We helped with community clear ups with our ward funds and have planted flowers and trees to make Kingsbrook look better under our ‘Pride In Kingsbrook’ campaign,” he said.

“We have arranged for many roads in the ward to be resurfaced and have plans to get the council to resurface even more roads and pavements.

“We still have lots of plans that we would like to implement for the residents of Kingsbrook,” he said.

This includes consulting with residents over additional 20mph zones, more investment in CCTV, and continuing to refresh the ward’s play areas.

“Most importantly, we will be here to listen to residents’ concerns, always be available and always keep in touch with them,” he said.

Residents can follow Dean and Henna’s campaign on Facebook (

Dean can also be found on Facebook, emailed at [email protected], or called on 07805349119.

“We are making Kingsbrook better and would like to continue and make it better still,” he said.

“Please consider me and my colleague, Henna Khanum and do not let the opportunities of the last four years go to waste.

“Remember we are here to help,” he said.

A list of the candidates standing in the Kingsbrook Ward can be found here.

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