Bedford Elections: Labour councillor hoping for you vote says he has a 'proven track record' of delivering results

Mohammed Nawaz is standing in Kempston Central and East Ward
Mohammed NawazMohammed Nawaz
Mohammed Nawaz

A Labour councillor seeking reelection as a councillor for Kempston Central and East said it has been a “privilege from day one” and he has a “proven” track record of delivering for residents.

Mohammed Nawaz said: “I made a commitment to be on the residents’ side and deliver for people in Kempston Central and East, and that is what I hope to continue to do

“Being a councillor is an honour, and we have delivered a number of successful results for residents.

“Together with residents, councillor Kay Burley (who is retiring) and I have achieved so much.

“I believe that Caroline White (our new candidate) and I can build upon this work and continue to develop the services and support that hard working residents in Kempston Central and East need,” he said.

“However, there are challenges, the biggest of which is ensuring that Kempston gets its fair share of funding. Kempston needs investment, yet time and time again it gets left behind.

“That is why we need a council that will bring leadership to our borough and ensure that the council’s limited resources are allocated based on priority needs.

“We need a Kempston Health Centre to support our growing town, we have roads that need resurfacing, antisocial behaviour that needs tackling, and a need to renew our borough.

“If re-elected I will continue to stand up for residents on the issues that matter to them,” he said.

Residents across Kempston can follow Mohammed’s campaign on Facebook, or they can contact him via email, [email protected], or on 07786 160607.

“We need to renew Kempston, and deliver a town centre fit for our residents.

“To do that we need a proactive council that will plan for the future of Kempston including the services, businesses and infrastructure it needs,” he said.

A list of the candidates standing in the Kempston Central and East Ward can be found here.

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