Bedford Elections: Labour candidates standing in Queen's Park pledge to continue 'track record of delivery'

Nesreen Akhtar and Mohammed Masud are seeking to serve the ward again, and they are joined by Mahboob Din

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The Labour candidates for Queen's ParkThe Labour candidates for Queen's Park
The Labour candidates for Queen's Park

Labour councillors seeking reelection in Queen’s Park have committed to continuing their “track record of delivery for residents”.

Following the boundary changes introduced by the Boundary Commission for England, Queen’s Park residents will be voting to elect three councillors next month.

Nesreen Akhtar and Mohammed Masud are seeking to serve the ward again, and they are joined by Mahboob Din

Nesreen said: “I was first elected in 2019 as the first Asian female Councillor in Queen’s Park and I have loved representing the ward in which I live.

“I made a commitment to make Queen’s Park the pride of Bedford and I want to continue to build on my track record of delivering for residents.”

Masud said: “I have been a councillor in Queen’s Park since 2011 and it has been the honour of my life.

“We have an amazing, diverse and proud community which we have worked together to shape over the years.

Mahboob added: “I have seen the difference Nesreen and Masud have made as Labour councillors including installing CCTV, arranging for roads to be resurfaced and advocating for residents on social care issues.

“Queen’s Park is my home and having run a local business I believe that if elected as a councillor I can bring the dedication and commitment residents need,” he said.

Masud said working in partnership with Nesreen led to many improvements in the ward.

“But there is more to do, we need a council that will take a zero tolerance approach to antisocial behaviour, that will tackle the drug dealing and streetdrinking that occurs.

“We need to ensure that Queen’s Park gets its fair share of resources sothat more roads can be resurfaced so that we can help to renew the area for the community.

Nesreen added: “If reeleected we will fight to protect and improve our local services in Queen’s Park.

“We will ensure that Bedford Borough Council is on the residents’ side.”

Maboob said: “Queen’s Park needs Labour Councillors with a track record of delivering.

“I want to make Queen’s Park the best place for my children to raise their families, as I’m sure every resident does.

“And together we can ensure that we can do that, he said.

The Labour candidates’ campaign for the Queen’s Park Ward can be followed on Facebook.

Nesreen Akhtar can be emailed at [email protected] or called on 07861 200802.

Mohammed Masud’s email address is [email protected], and his number is 07974 276944.

Mahboob Din can be emailed at [email protected] or called on 07588 624294.

Nesreen said: “Residents want a council that works for them.

“That means resources being allocated based on actual need first and foremost.

“It means a council that will support people to start a business and a council that will ensure good quality services.

“And in Queen’s Park there is a lot of support for the ongoing work we are doing to improve our ward,” she said.

A list of all the candidates standing in Queen’s Park can be found here.