Bedford Elections: Heritage Party mayoral candidate says he's standing to 'protect people's freedoms'

“I thought to myself if I don’t stand it will impact the freedoms of my children and my grandchildren”
Alberto ThomasAlberto Thomas
Alberto Thomas

The Heritage Party candidate to be Bedford’s next mayor said he is standing to “protect people’s freedoms”.

Bedford resident Alberto Thomas said: “I thought to myself if I don’t stand it will impact the freedoms of my children and my grandchildren.

“Because they’re trying to impact these crazy things such as you can’t drive a car, you are only allowed to have three cars, and all of it.

“The policies that the LibDems and Labour have, it’s the same policy, they might as well be one party.

“I am the opposition and they don’t like it,” he said.

At various hustings, Alberto has spoken out against 15 minute cities. The Local Democracy Reporting Service asked why.

“In principle it sounds like a great idea, if we lived in fairytale land but the reality is that’s not the case,” he said.

“I mean many people don’t work inside 15 minutes. The fact that they want you to be confined to an area, it’s not right,” he claimed.

The protagonists for a 15-minute city or community say that they’re not trying to confine people, and are trying to make sure facilities are within walking distance – not make sure people can’t go anywhere else.

“Actually they are,” Alberto claimed. “It is the foot in the door approach. It’s the let’s try and see how much we can get away with [approach].

“That’s what they do, the government has been doing it all the time,” he said.

Alberto also said that if elected he would stop the drive to be net zero.

“Net zero is a trojan horse for the collapse of society, that’s what it is,” he said.

Residents can find out more about the Heritage Party at or they can contact Alberto via [email protected].

The Heritage Party website claims the police and crime commissioners, metro mayors and elected local mayors positions “waste vast sums of taxpayers’ money for no benefit”.

Alberto was asked if he would scrap the Bedford mayor role if he was elected.

“Because we’re a new party I would need to use the position as a launch pad to recruit and get more people on board with the Heritage Party and help it spread,” he said.

“So if I win it will become like a domino effect and it will go right across the UK.

“That’s what they’re terrified about, one person can all of a sudden light a spark and cause a lot of interest. I’m the opposition, and I’m the only one opposed to all of their crazy ideas,” he said.

A list of all the mayoral candidates can be found here.