Bedford Elections: Conservative candidate says it's time for a 'change of direction'

Stephen SpringStephen Spring
Stephen Spring
Stephen Spring is standing in the Harpur ward

A Conservative Party candidate for Bedford’s Harpur ward said the area needs a “change of direction”.

Stephen Spring, who is standing alongside Elizabeth Akinwande in next week’s local election (May 4) said: “I am very concerned for the residents in the Poets area who I feel are not being represented and could lose their homes if the preferred EWR route is adopted.

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“I feel as a local councillor your community must come first rather than following party lines.

“So I have decided to stand as I feel Harpur Ward needs a change of direction,” he added.

This is the first time Stephen, who was born in Bedford and has lived there for the past 50 years, has stood as a candidate.

“I live in this ward and have seen first-hand some of the issues which our residents are confronted with,” he said.

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“Should I be successful in being selected, I have the time to pursue issues and work towards solutions,” he said.

Residents wanting to know more about Stephen’s campaign can email him at [email protected].

A full list of candidates standing in the Harpur Ward can be found here.