Bedford Elections: Better infrastructure needed as more new homes built says Conservative candidate for Shortstown

Sam HollandSam Holland
Sam Holland

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Sam Holland is running alongside Sarah Gallagher for the Shortstown Ward

A Conservative candidate for the Shortstown Ward said there has been a “lack of consideration” for local infrastructure as the borough continues to grow.

Sam Holland, who is running alongside Sarah Gallagher (who is seeking reelection), said: “I have seen this area expand greatly as new proposed housing developments threaten to box us in.

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“Irreversibly changing that character of our village as we give way to vast urban sprawls.

“A more pressing concern is, however, the lack of consideration for local infrastructure such as adequate access to GPs, mounting traffic and school spaces.

“In particular our roads and footpaths have deteriorated considerably throughout the villages in the ward.

“I want to see a massive improvement, particularly in rural areas, so our residents aren’t hit with expensive repair bills because of poor driving conditions.

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“Additionally, I would like to work with residents and businesses to find out how we can best support our ever growing community to ensure we get our fair share from the borough,” he said.

“For over half of my life my mum, councillor Sarah Gallagher, has been a parish councillor and a borough councillor.

“I saw politics first hand growing up through how much she has and continues to help the community.

“This inspired and built within me a passion for helping people.

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“I was a special constable for over four years, and worked in the vaccination centre at Manton Heights throughout the pandemic.

“I also was a member of the Royal British Legion Cotton End and District Branch for many years, and volunteered year after year to help with the Poppy Appeal.

“I have decided to stand in this election as I want to continue helping people and follow in my mother’s footsteps by serving the community we both love,” he said.

Sam has been involved with both local and national politics.

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“I was an Eastcotts Parish Councillor until 2019 when the parishes separated,” he said.

“When I was still in secondary education I chaired a televised debate between Richard Fuller and Patrick Hall, who were standing to be the Member of Parliament for Bedford and Kempston in the 2015 general election.

Residents can follow Sarah and Sam’s campaign on Facebook or contact him via email, [email protected] or call 01234 311866.