Anti-Scotland article comes back to haunt Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Bedford

A Tory politician was being “satirical” when he wrote an 812-word article telling Scotland it was “fleecing English taxpayers” and “It’s time to go”.

Ryan Henson was selected as Conservative candidate for the Bedford and Kempston seat 10 months ago.

But an article has now emerged from the time of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, when Mr Henson wrote at length about why Scotland should leave the union.

In it Mr Henson states that:

Scotland had “much to lose” from independence, while England had “everything to gain”;

Scotland’s free health prescriptions, state-funded university courses, and “left-leaning public sector” were all funded by “fleecing” Conservative-voting English taxpayers;

The only contributions that Scotland had made to the UK since 1969 were soldiers and Labour MPs;

People in favour of the Union were spouting “sentimental gibberish”;

Scotland remaining in the Union would be a “catastrophe” for England.

Mr Henson added: “Like a marauding tribe from the Dark Ages, Scottish Labour MP’s (sic) have travelled south every four years to pillage their hard-working, wealthier, and more politically sound neighbours.

“Enough is enough.”

Mr Henson has been contacted by the Times & Citizen for comment. However he has said elsewhere that the article was meant as “satire”.

The original article appeared on the ConservativeHome website which is affiliated to the party.

On the same site Mr Henson has written articles praising people from Bosnia-Herzegovina, and saying that there should be more white, working-class males like himself elected as Conservative MPs.

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