Anti-feminist hopes to use "same strategy as Nigel Farage" to launch new political party in Bedford

He’s vowing to take only half the salary he’d be entitled to if elected

By Clare Turner
Thursday, 21st April 2022, 12:44 pm

A self-proclaimed anti-feminist is launching a new political party on Saturday (April 23) which he hopes will change the face of British politics.

Called the Children & Family Party, leader Mike Buchanan has vowed to only take half the salary he’d be entitled to if elected – instead donating the other half to good causes in Bedford and Kempston.

Formerly the party was called Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them) but has now been rebranded as Mike claims families have been neglected by the main parties.

Watch the YouTube video

In a preview video ahead of Saturday, when Mike will unveil his manifesto, he said: “Whatever you might think of Nigel Farage and the UKIP and Brexit parties he led, the political strategy succeeded in delivering the referendum on EU membership which the British people had long since been denied.”

Mike, who is also a men’s rights activist, added: “In time we shall force the major parties to adopt some of our key proposals in the same way.”

The 21-issue manifesto will include such topics as:

Mike Buchanan


Pregnancy and abortion

Armed forces veterans’ mental health issues

Marriage and divorce

Domestic violence

Doubling child benefit payments

Halving the taxes on vehicle fuel, alcohol and cigarettes

Mike said: “Why should drivers, drinkers and smokers pay so much more tax than others?

"These tax cuts would make a real difference to financially hard-pressed families – giving parents more money to spend on their children and themselves.”

He finished the preview video by saying: “For well over 30 years, successive governments led by the main political parties have turned a blind eye to child abuse – namely the denial of contact between children and one of their parents, usually but not always the father, due to the operation of the family courts.”

If you are interested in Mike's party, you can find out more on his Facebook page.

He’ll also be hosting ‘Breakfast with The Boss’ with people every Saturday at 10am from this weekend at the Pilgrim’s Progress pub in Bedford, and Zoom video meetings for the Drivers, Drinkers & Smokers Club on Sundays from 7pm.