Politics arrive on stage as three politicans share an explosive secret

If Only at The Place, Bedford.
If Only at The Place, Bedford.

If only UKIP hadn’t stopped the Tories getting twenty extra seats. If only Cleggmania had lasted.

If only Gordon Brown had switched off his microphone.

David Edgar, the writer of If Only, looks back to a time when the result of the 2010 election was in doubt and ahead to 2014, when UKIP’s popularity is rising and David Cameron is seeking to bolster his threatened position by co-opting his rivals’ policies on immigration and welfare.

It’s April 16, 2010, the day after the UK’s first ever televised prime ministerial debate. Stranded at Malaga Airport by the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud, a Labour special advisor, a Lib Dem staffer, and a Tory candidate (excoriated for expenses involving a pool game and a pergola), consider their options. Can their parties survive without them? How will they get home? And who will end up in government?

Moving on to August 4, 2014 and as the nation prepares to commemorate the outbreak of the Great War, the three politicians meet again. One of them knows something that could change the outcome of this year’s election. Should they reveal it? And at what cost?

Swan Theatre Company presents this explosive play which portrays the machinations of coalition politics with a vivid war-game intricacy and coolness.

An essential and topical drama from one of this country’s leading political playwrights.

If Only is being staged at The Place Theatre, Bedford, from Wednesday, April 22 until Saturday, April 25 at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £9, £7.50 concessions, from www.theplacebedford.org.uk/tickets or call the

Bedford Central Box Office on 01234 718112.