Politicians respond to pause on headteachers redundancy plans

MP Mohammad Yasin and Mayor of Bedford Dave Hodgson have welcomed the latest news about the HEART Academies Trust.

Mo Yasin
Mo Yasin

The trust yesterday announced that it was pausing its plans to make the headteachers, deputy heads and assistant heads at three Bedford primary schools redundant.

And a mediator is being brought in from the Department for Education.

Mr Yasin said: “I’m pleased that this process has been suspended, but while it’s encouraging that the Regional schools commissioner will ‘mediate’, whatever that means, what’s needed here is a recognition that these plans in their current form are completely unsupported by parents, students and teaching staff.

Bedford Borough Mayor Dave Hodgson. PNL-151216-140348001

“Scrap them, and build on the recent improvements that these schools have made under the existing staff.”

And Mayor Dave gave only a cautious welcome to the news, saying: “As parent campaigners have said, this is a welcome development.

“However, as things stand HEART’s damaging plans have been paused, not changed, and there is a lot of work to be done and trust to be rebuilt.”

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