Police probe school cash as head resigns

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Parents have slammed school bosses for keeping them in the dark over a police investigation and a popular headteacher’s resignation.

Lincroft head Michael Lavelle quit on Friday after being on “garden leave” for five weeks.

Meanwhile police have spent the past month investigating financial irregularities at the Oakley school, which is under Sharnbrook Academy Foundation governance.

The foundation’s latest accounts show £152,609 was incorrectly spent on capital and maintenance work during 2013/14.

Auditors Baker Tilley say the money was for capital and maintenance work and “did not go through the required procurement and tendering process”.

Hugh Carr-Archer, chairman of governors has refused to elaborate on the matter. A former Beds county council employee, Mr Carr-Archer was once the subject of scrutiny himself. He and three colleagues became millionaires overnight in 1999 when it was claimed they sold schools’ computer software system they partly developed while on the council pay roll.

This week concerned parents called for him to explain the Lincroft mystery.

“My child’s school is the subject of a police investigation and the head has mysteriously resigned. We have a right to know what is going on and Hugh Carr-Archer and his fellow governors have a duty to tell us,” said one.

SAF also runs Sharnbrook Upper School Harrold Primary and Margaret Beaufort.

Beds police said the investigation was ongoing and “no arrests have yet been made.”