Police poll - who gets your vote?

In just over two weeks’ time, voters will head to the polls to say who they want as their Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire.

But how much do you really know about the new role and who you’ll be voting for?

November 15 is the day that Bedfordshire votes for its first PCC, a new role which will see a sole individual responsible for hiring and firing Beds Police’s chief constable, determining policing priorities, setting force budgets and reporting on progress. The role replaces that of the current Bedfordshire Police Authority, which will cease to exist.

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The Home Office says PCCs will ensure the needs of their communities are met as effectively as possible, and will influence key decisions on issues affecting neighbourhoods, such as CCTV, street lighting and graffiti to tackling gangs and drug-dealing.

Their job is to listen to the public and then respond to their needs, bringing more of a public voice to policing and giving the public a name and a face to complain to if they aren’t satisfied.

The candidates for PCC for Bedfordshire are:

Jas Parmar, Conservative – he cites 33 years of public service as his inspiration behind seeking the new role. Jas had a “very very broad experience” with the Met Police in the 1980s.

Kevin Carroll, British Freedom Party – Lutonian Mr Carroll, a senior member of the English Defence League, says he will put an end to “political correctness” and “two-tier policing”.

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Linda Jack, Liberal Democrat – a former youth worker, Linda will focus on resisting further budget cuts and getting young people away from crime.

Olly Martins, Labour – the former Victim Support worker will fight police privatisation and coalition funding cuts and safeguard police presence on our streets if he wins the poll.

Mezanur Rashid, Independent – impartiality is key says the international relations graduate and charity worker from Luton, who wants to help reduce crime and reflect community concerns.

> Those who have not received the form can call electoral registration office on 01582 510380 or print off a form at www.aboutmyvote.co.uk. For more information on the election go to www.policecrimecommissioner.co.uk, and for candidate information go to www.choosemypcc.org.uk