Police knock on doors to ask residents if they’re happy with crime fighting service


A mobile police station was in Putnoe on Saturday (July 18) as part of Bedfordshire Police’s Operation Vision.

PCSOs, cadets and neighbourhood watch representatives visited houses in 10 streets in the Bedford area and gave out crime prevention advice.

Police and crime commissioner Olly Martins and local councillor Michael Headley also visited the town.

More than 170 houses were visited during the operation and, of the residents questioned, 76 per cent were happy with the service they received from police.

When asked what the force could improve, 19 per cent suggested more patrols.

Of those questioned, 36 per cent said they had no concerns at all.

A quarter said their biggest concern was nuisance vehicles, with drugs, parking, litter and noise making up the top five issues faced in the area. And just one person was unhappy with the service they received.

As part of the operation, residents had their bikes marked, number plates secured and received information and advice about crime prevention.

Feedback from residents also provided officers with useful intelligence which will assist investigations.

Sgt Melissa Cunningham said: “We are pleased with the positive response from the residents of Putnoe and good engagement with our mobile station and policing services.

“Operation Vision enables us to engage with the locals and provide them with crime prevention tips and services. We enjoy working closely with our communities and their feedback is very important to us. We take actions from these operations and their input helps us to problem solve and keep Bedfordshire safe.

“Our new operating model intends to increase capabilities in our communities and deliver a more effective police service. We are confident that this will addresses their desire for more police patrols.”