Polhill Arms in Renhold raises a toast on becoming Pub of the Year

The Pholhill Arms Renhold
The Pholhill Arms Renhold

The Polhill Arms in Renhold is Pub of the Year, as voted by the North Bedfordshire Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).

Having been the branch’s Cider Pub of the Year in recent years the quality of its beer as well as its cider is being recognised in this year’s award.

In addition to good quality cask ale a pub selected as pub of the year has to offer a warm welcome to all who visit and generally be a place people like to go to. The Polhill Arms goes will now be judged against the nominations from the East and South Bedfordshire Branches to become the County Pub of the Year.

Succeeding the Polhill Arms as Cider Pub of the Year is the Devonshire Arms in Dudley Street, which also has a range of good quality beer to regale its customers.

Last year’s Branch Pub of the Year, the Three Cups on Newnham Avenue, Bedford, has been named Town Pub of the Year for 2018.

A new award this year is a nomination from CAMRA Young Members of the Bear on the High Street while the Cock in Pavenham has been named the Most Improved

Pub. The final award, of Club of the Year, has gone to a club on the edge of the branch’s area – the Cranfield Campus Social Club, also known locally as the College


Speaking about the awards Roger Stokes, the branch chairman, said: “The number of pubs which were serious contenders for the awards speaks volumes about how

many places in Bedford and the surrounding area you can enjoy good quality beer. It is especially pleasing to see the Bear return as a genuine pub offering quality cask

ale and that the Young Members have selected this as their favourite venue.”