Plenty of choice for cheaper fuel in Bedford as average prices hit six-month high

Petrol prices are in the news again
Petrol prices are in the news again

The average prices for fuel have reached a six-month high but there are plenty of options for cheaper prices at the pump in Bedford.

Many motorists cutting back on car use, according to the AA. And the firm said the extension of the districts in which drivers get a special rural area fuel rebate has failed to kickstart sales at the pumps in some places.

The average price of petrol nationwide is now 117.19p a litre – up from 116.42p a month ago and above 117p for the first time since mid-December 2014.

Diesel is now averaging 121.0p a litre compared with 120.7p in mid-May.

Since the low point for fuel prices was reached on February 1 this year, average prices have risen by more than 10p a litre.

But supermarket giants Morrisons, on Ampthill Road, Tesco on Cardington Road, Sainsburys in both Fairfeild Park and Kempston and Esso Southgate, on London Road are offering the cheapest petrol in the town with unleaded costing 115.9p at their forecourts.

The cheapest you will find diesel in the Bedford area is 118.9p at Morrisons and Esso Southgate.

The prices were taken from a five-mile radius of the town and compared on the website.

An AA/Populus survey showed that 37% of the 28,080 AA members polled had already started to cut back on car use, with this figure rising to 48% for lower-income drivers.

The rural fuel rebate scheme, previously only available for those living on some of the UK’s islands, was extended on May 31 to around 125,000 people living in remote mainland locations, with those eligible getting a 5p cut in pump prices.

The AA said today that this had led to a doubling of business at a Devon filling station but that some drivers in Scotland had missed out, apparently due to confusion with the scheme.

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