Plans to scrap iconic Bedfordshire chimneys is ‘end of an era’

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The era of Stewartby chimneys could be coming to an end after proposals from the developer hope to revamp the site.

The planning application, submitted by developers Hanson Brick Ltd, could see the chimneys demolished if it is approved by Bedford Borough Council.

The application for the redevelopment of the Stewartby Brickworks site in Marston Vale, states the demolition work will prevent potential collapse of the chimney structures.

These brickworks date back to the late 19th century.

In response to the concerns regarding the demolition of the chimneys and kilns, the developers proposed a column of light to be located within the local centre.

The column of light would provide ‘a new focal point and mark within the site’ and local area.

Residents are hoping that the council will reject the application and keep the chimneys intact, particularly to protect the wildlife that has made a home in them.