Pig farm accused of animal cruelty

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A pig farm left dead animals dumped in sheds and pens, and others were left abused, neglected and riddled with infections an undercover investigation has claimed this week.

Twinwood Pig Unit at Milton Ernest was one of five farms investigated by animal rights group Animal Aid, which says it saw some of the “worst” suffering it has seen in pigs at the Bedfordshire farm.

But Ian Smith, managing director of Bedfordia Farm, which runs the pig farm, said: “At Bedfordia we are proud of our pig keeping standards and consider the care and welfare of our pigs to be of the utmost importance.”

He added that the group Animal Aid have an aim to stop all livestock farming and promote an animal free diet. He says they gained unauthorised access to the pig farm.

Animal Aid says that an undercover investigator gained access to the farm when doors were unlocked and no staff were present.

It claims it found many 
diseased pigs. And claims some injured and sick pigs, though isolated, were still forced to walk, lay and sleep on bare, slatted floors.

Two dead pigs were 
allegedly dumped outside one of the sheds, covered with a plastic sheet. A third was found in a pen with four other live animals.

Ben Martin, who put together the report, said: “The conditions we saw at Twinwood were shocking. It is amongst the worst suffering I have seen in pigs and certainly not what you expect of such a highly acclaimed farm.

“People believe that is okay to consume meat, eggs and milk as long as the animals have a good life and a humane death, but even these acclaimed farms cannot provide that, so what hope is there for animals on the many other farms around the country?”