Perfect weather to go racing with pooches at Box End Park

Canicross Midlands at Box End Park. Picture: Shane Wilkinson
Canicross Midlands at Box End Park. Picture: Shane Wilkinson

Box End Park was the venue for racing with pooches over the weekend.

Canicross Midlands in association with Adams Agility held its first races as part of the CSJ sponsored Canicross Midlands 2015/16 UK 14-race season.

Organiser Claire Martin said: “Box End is a stunning venue for this event, on the second anniversary of the formation of Canicross Midlands. The weather was perfect for the dogs and we had a fantastic weekend of top class competition across all the categories’.

The event attracted nearly 200 entries over the weekend, with competitors travelling from across the UK. The event sponsor CSJ, provided the prizes for the top three finishers in each category at the results and prize giving on Sunday, September 27.

Canicross involves running a 5km or 1.5km cross country course whilst attached via a waist-belt and lead to a harnessed dog.

Competitors can either run with one or two dogs, or choose to use a bike (bikejor) or scoot (scooter) around the course with a dog pulling in front. The Canicross Midlands weekend events are held at number of venues throughout the UK between September and March.

The categories are divided into male and female competitors, and are run in age ranges for the running competitors, but the ages are grouped together in the bikejor and scooter classes.

The adult competitors will either run, bike or scoot around the 5km course.

Junior competitors (12-16 yr olds) and (8-12 yr olds) run the shorter 1.5km course, with the (8-12 yr olds) having an adult running alongside them. The under 8’s also accompanied by an adult run a shorter 700m course.