Veggie 'violently' sick after mistakenly being served meat at Bedford pub

A vegetarian was left quite literally with a bad taste in his mouth after a town pub mistakenly served up a meat sausage.

By Clare Turner
Thursday, 13th June 2019, 3:59 pm
The offending dish
The offending dish

Payne De’ath was enjoying a meal at The Anchor, in Goldington Road, Bedford, when he took a bite out of the offending dish.

“I ordered a vegetarian sausage and mash. I’d eaten one and half of the sausages, then I realised there was skin on it.” Mr De’ath then realised the sausage was actually meat.

The 52-year-old from Rosemary Close, Biggleswade, complained to the manager the minute he realised what had happened during what should have been an enjoyable meal with his 21-year-old daughter on Saturday.

The offending dish

“They seemed to think I was over-reacting,” he said.

They couldn’t understand why I was so upset. But I’ve been a vegetarian for 36 years. I was violently ill afterwards.

And I was sick again on Sunday.”

Payne, who works in house and garden clearance, took the food home and is sending a sample to environmental health.

Payne De'ath

A Bedford Borough Council spokesman said environmental health was investigating.

A spokesperson for The Anchor, which is owned by Greene King, said: “We have investigated this incident and spoken to the guest directly regarding this matter.”