UKIP teen’s rap wowsthe party

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A Bedford College student wowed UKIP party faithful at their conference last week.

Dan Jukes, 16, delivered a rap-style poem to the audience at the conference on March 23.

The poem, which included lines such as: “Now all your voters are flocking to us, because Nigel is the one they can trust” impressed delegates on the day.

UKIP member George Konstantinidis, who witnessed Dan in action, said: “With such exceptional young men, I have no doubt that the future here in Bedfordshire is looking bright.”

As well as berating Prime Minister David Cameron, Dan’s poem also took a swing at Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband.

Speaking of Mr Miliband, Dan said: “Why can’t your party win the south? Because no common sense comes out of your mouth.”